Okay,  so I am getting older. In fact, it is possible I will be a grandparent in a few years. But, the thing is, i'm not quite ready to buy the rocking chair, watch day-time tv and reflect on days gone by. Call it a middle-age crisis or just non-acceptance of my physical limits. I just have SO much more I want to do.


 I have therefore decided that this is the time to FLY! I have done all the conventional things in life - marriage, 3 kids, career and a dog. And I consider myself extremely fortunate.

So a month before my 49th birthday I decided to make my 50th year different. I'm not the type for big parties. In fact I am kind of introverted. So instead I thought a better way to celebrate is to give myself a bunch of experiences that are extraordinary. I want to go beyond the conventional. And even though I may fail in my endeavours, I hope to find out that through the process of challenge, one not only grows as a person, but things can be achieved never thought possible.

So welcome to my journey...the pain, disappointments and moments of exultation all in one! And my ultimate 50th birthday present? Maybe if I could encourage a few others who are  not quite ready to get into their granny rocking chair, to ROCK IT!